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Mesotherapy Training

No seminars scheduled at this time.

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Mesotherapy Training with Dr. Lionel Bissoon!

Dr. Lionel Bissoon introduced Mesotherapy to the USA in 1999

"Learn the EXACT Methods I Personally Use To Treat My Patients for Cellulite and Weight loss!"

Train with Me Personally for 3 Straight Days and Let Me Teach You the fastest growing medical specialty of Mesotherapy and How to Build Your Mesotherapy Practice

Unlike other seminars, there will be multiple speakers who are experts in their respective fields. We will be teaching you personally from morning to night, my Mesotherapy formulas, techniques of injection, science of Mesotherapy, how the medications work, how to select the appropriate formulas and medications, FDA issues by one of its former Chief Counsel and how to manage side effects and complications.

This is the ONLY course we will be offering in 2008.

Mesotherapy training with the Bissoon Institute of Mesotherapy is the culmination thousands of hours and over 8 years of research into why Mesotherapy works to treat cellulite, weight loss and body sculpting. Many of the doctors I have trained have achieved far superior results. It was as if they possessed a secret knowledge.

The Mysterious "Mesotherapy"

I've found in most successful Mesotherapy medical practice our physicians started changing their practice from a traditional medical practice to a CASH based practice.

After my training, many physicians started adding other cosmetic procedures to their practice thus transforming their entire practice to one which is cosmetically oriented. Those with existing cosmetic practices use Mesotherapy to fill the demand for cellulite treatments, body sculpting and weight loss.

The training they received resulted in the shift of their practice mentality. They go from a life totally dependent on insurance to one which offers more freedom with a cash based practice.

Mesotherapy is a new Medical specialty with a large demand for high quality trained physicians. There are many courses which are attempting to fill this void. Unfortunately, these programs have failed to produce competent Mesotherapists. The reason we are offering this course is to train doctors in underserved cities throughout the USA where there is a demand for competent Mesotherapists.

Five years ago, I predicted there would be 5000 Mesotherapists in this country. Today, there are approximately 5000 people claiming to practice Mesotherapy. I am willing to say that there are less than 200 quality Mesotherapists in the USA.

Upon exhaustive research, I discovered how to treat cellulite and weight loss successfully.

Quite honestly, after training in Paris in 1999, I was clueless as there was no rationale for what they were doing. There was very little science available in the English literature on Mesotherapy. In fact it, it was a big stumbling block for me. After countless hours of studying and research, I succeed in treating cellulite and weight loss using scientific principles in my formulas. In fact, ABC's 20/20 in 2003 set out to prove what I was doing was nothing but snake oil. In the end their independent investigators did indeed prove the solutions I was using did indeed break down fat. My appearance on 20/20 launched the specialty of Mesotherapy in the USA.


The reason for this course is to train doctors in underserved areas. We will register DO's, MD's, PA's, Nurse Practitioner and ND's (if they are lic. to inject) based on a first come, first serve basis to certain geographical areas. We do not believe in over populating one area. All our trained physicians will have the opportunity to be listed on www.mesotherapy.com. Our website is #1 on Google, Yahoo and other top search engines under the key word 'Mesotherapy'. Our doctors who are listed on this site tend to get anyway from 3-12 referrals a month.

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Save $2,979 with early registration
(Includes $579 in bonus gifts)
CME credits available

Who am I and Why Should You Come To This Workshop?

My name is Dr. Lionel Bissoon and I have been practicing Mesotherapy for over 8 years. In 1999, I introduced Mesotherapy to the USA.

I have been on ABC's 20/20, CBS's 48 Hours, The CBS Evening news with Dan Rather, The Rachael Ray Show, E News Entertainment, Vogue Magazine, Style, People, US Weekly, Life & Style Magazine, and cited in numerous publications.

I have lectured on Mesotherapy Nationally and Internationally. Since then I have had a successful practice in Mesotherapy.

I am the author of "The Cellulite Cure." This book became a Best Seller online at Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.com.

Why is this important?

Well, it wasn't all easy for me. The most important skill I've ever had was knowing how to do research. Based on my research, I developed incredible formulas and techniques of injections which have far surpassed my initial training. My work has produced incredible results and allowed me to single handedly introduce a new Medical specialty to the USA.

Why is any of This Important?

All of this is due to the fact that I am the recognized national expert in Mesotherapy. My Mesotherapy training program has been acknowledged as the best training program in the country by physicians who have taken many other training programs. We have trained physicians who have taken 2-5 different training programs before being trained at the Bissoon Institute of Mesotherapy. They have all concluded that this was their best medical conference they have ever attended.

Most people think becoming successful in Mesotherapy can be accomplished just by taking a training program. Mesotherapy is complicated and requires years to master. Why reinvent the wheel when we can teach you all the skills and knowledge you need to go out and start a successful practice.

With so many doctors trying to expand their practice base, why not get the best available training in the country? Why settle for less? Becoming a successful Mesotherapist is easier today than ever before. I have already laid the ground work for you with a referral network in place.

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Save $2,979 with early registration
(Includes $579 in bonus gifts)
CME credits available

My First Class Was in 2004 and the Results Were Nothing Short of Amazing - Lives Were Changed Instantly

Many of the doctors went on to become pioneers in their own towns and cities as they were the first to offer Mesotherapy. Many expanded their practice to include other cosmetic procedures and thus totally transformed their careers.

All of a sudden things started to happen... I remember calling to ask how to get rid of her family practice patients as she had gotten so busy with her Mesotherapy practice. She later developed a practice with 100% cosmetic medicine. This is one example of many.

It's Just 3 Days To 3 Change Your Practice.

What Will You Learn In 3 Days With Me?

This is not your typical seminar. There are many other speakers who are specialist in their field. It's a workshop where we work together and go through the entire processes with you.

  • You'll learn the history of Mesotherapy.
  • You will learn methods and techniques of injections.
  • Two hours about FDA and Regulatory issues.
  • You will learn how evaluate and treat cellulite.
  • You learn about functional cellulite and how to treat it.
  • Evaluation and treatment of the obese patient.
  • Evaluation of hypothyroidism in Mesotherapy.
  • How to combine HRT with Mesotherapy.
  • You'll work with others in groups to evaluate and treat cellulite patients.
  • You'll work with others in groups to evaluate and treat overweight patients(Hands On - 6 hours).
  • We will teach you the difference between Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve.
  • You will find out some simple strategies to market your practice.
  • You will receive all the formulas I use daily.
  • You have lectures on pharmacology of medications used in Mesotherapy.

The First 25 People ONLY Pay $5500.00! After Jan 1st the price goes back to $7500.00


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Save $2,979 with early registration
(Includes $579 in bonus gifts)
CME credits available

Why am I doing this?

I need doctors for referrals. In 2008, we have major marketing plans coming for more media coverage. When there is national media coverage, we need doctors in every state to refer patients. We also need doctors to be listed in ?The Cellulite Cure,? referral reference section in all the states listed below.

Dr. Bissoon explains how to evaluate and treat cellulite.

The following is a list of States and cities in need of quality trained Mesotherapists:

(San Francisco, San Jose, Palm Springs, Berkley Sacramento, Pasadena, Monterey, Santa Barbara, San Bernadino, Fresno, Eureka, Redding and Redwood)
(Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainsville, Sarasota, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Meyers, Ocala, Melbourne, Daytona)
(New Orleans, Shreveport, Monroe, Lafayette, Alexandria)
(Cherry Hill, Trenton, Long Branch)

This is the ONLY Bissoon Institute of Mesotherapy Seminar for 2008. This seminar Will Never Be Held again until 2009.

This is the LAST Mesotherapy Seminar Workshop we'll ever offer for 2008, now is the time to take advantage of this training.

You'll have to ACT FAST...we are making hotel arrangements for discounted rooms; once the hotel is selected we will notify you by email and written confirmation.

Register Now
Download Training Application

Save $2,979 with early registration
(Includes $579 in bonus gifts)
CME credits available

Once You Register You Will Receive a FREE Case of THE CELLULITE CURE (16 copies-$479.00 value). You can use this to start promoting you practice.

All you have to do is make a decision today.

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