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New York’s Most Expensive Cellulite Removal

By Richard Nouveau, pocketchangeny.com

Of course there are those women brave enough to stay thin the natural way, by following up each meal with a sensible index finger and a cigarette. But in time, they are doomed to take on the appearance of dried old fruit - with all due respect to both Siegfried and Roy. But let’s be honest, mostly Siegfried.

I prefer to feel good rather than look good, yet it just so happens that my shameful intake of human growth hormone and eau de vie only makes a man look ever more distinguished. But pity the ladies who follow my regimen. Each one of them shares the same sad fate: ballooning up like a summer sausage, stuffed with cottage cheese.

And then, if they have any self respect, the cutting begins. Repeated trips to some sawbones with a yarmulke and a doting mother, to surrender their gelatinous thighs to his mighty Hoover for some much needed lipo.

But now, thanks to Dr. Lionel Bissoon and his miracle Mesotherapy, there’s a new wrinkle on maintaining the supermodel’s heroin-chic look with far less chances of ever having to combat hepatitis or Lenny Kravitz.

"Panty lines drive me nuts, oh my god, they make me cringe. It’s like self-terrorism," mutters Dr. Lionel Bissoon, the internationally recognized mesotherapist who brought the technology to America in 1999.

In his book, The Cellulite Cure, Dr. Bissoon explains, "Not wearing underwear is actually the best cellulite prevention." Bissoon continues to explain why certain types of underwear increase cellulite, and why less is more. The Cellulite Cure is a guide that explains the genesis of Mesotherapy, a scientific breakthrough promoted as the only proven medical treatment that prevents and treats cellulite. According to Dr. Bissoon, "The Cellulite Cure should be the bible for every woman with cellulite."

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that employs the technique of multiple micro injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, standardized natural plant extracts and vitamins into the mesoderm. Mesotherapy is popular in the United States and one of the most requested non-surgical cosmetic procedures for cellulite treatment, body sculpting and contouring, facial rejuvenation treatments and weight loss.

Dr. Bissoon uses a standard Mesotherapy formula which is customized for each patient. Every patient is allergy tested twenty four hours prior to treatment, though allergies to the medications are very rare. Dr. Bissoon recommends several treatments of mesotherapy, depending on the patient; treatments start at $750 per session.

The future of mesotherapy looks brights, as it is sweeping America by storm. In 2000, Dr. Bissoon predicted that in five years, there would be 5,000 mesotherapists in the United States. Not only was he correct, but he also predicts that within another five years, there will be a mesotherapist practicing on nearly every street corner. He reasons, "Everyone has a shrink. Soon, everyone will have their own mesotherapist."

In 2004, Dr. Bissoon created the Bissoon Institute of Mesotherapy which offers the most expensive and most comprehensive training in the art of mesotherapy. Tuition is $10,000 for a two day course and $20,000 for a four day course.

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