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Mesotherapy - The Non-Surgical Alternative to Liposuction

By Deborah DePiano with Angela Harris

We are always asked by our readers for the latest alternative therapies to eliminate cellulite and excess fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. We all understand what it’s like to follow an eating and exercise regimen and still have those pockets of fat in our upper arms, thigh/butt saddlebags and lower abdomen. For many of us it is a genetic trait since all of our bodies are uniquely different. Many fight this battle and, if statistics are to be believed, think that liposuction may be the only option for permanent results.

Anyone who watched a popular news magazine program that profiled the successful weight/fat loss journey of Roberta Flack glimpsed hope of another kind. Ms. Flack attributed her 40lb (plus!) weight/fat loss to diet, exercise and Mesotherapy. She claimed the efforts of Dr. Lionel Bissoon, one of the foremost authorities on Mesotherapy in the US, helped her achieve success. Wow! Think about it: the freedom of a therapy that would eliminate the need for liposuction and additional surgeries. Definitely worth looking into, don’t you think?

Since Ms.Fitness has a loyal following of fitness competitors as well as everyday women who are looking to improve their health through lifestyle change, diet and exercise we wanted to investigate further. We discovered that Dr. Bissoon was opening a new office in Southern California. We immediately arranged for a consultation and were eager to discover the benefits of Mesotherapy.

During our initial consultation, Dr. Bissoon informed that Mesotherapy has been a popular alternative to liposuction in France for over 50 years. Basically, he explained, It’s the practice of injecting small amounts of homeopathic, pharmaceutical medications, natural plant extracts and vitamins into the middle layer of skin, thereby stimulating the mesoderm layer and "melting" the fat. Mesotherapy, proponents claim, blocks the body’s ability to store fat and stimulates the body’s ability to burn fat, making it successful treatment for cellulite in targeted areas as well as an effective fat loss technique.

This therapy could possibly benefit fitness competitors as a non-surgical way to fine tune competition physiques. For those with long term weight loss goals, it could be a valuable addition to existing weight loss and exercise programs.

First pioneered by Doctor Michael Pistor in France in 1952, there are now over 15,000 practitioners of the process in Europe. It is a recognized medical specialty in France. Dr. Bissoon first learned the technique five years ago. He is currently recognized as the leading educator in training physicians in the Mesotherapy technique throughout the US. His practice consists of a mixture of weekend warriors, professional athletes, the fashion elite, celebrities, and house wives.

Mesotherapy’s fans insist that it can be effective for a wide variety of people. It is recommended for cellulite treatment or weight loss. The Mesotherapy protocol consists of one or more treatments for cellulite or an average of 10 weekly treatments for long term weight loss. The treatments are not cheap - they cost upwards of $500 a session - but the cost is a bargain compared to liposuction surgery. The recovery time is minimal except for a few black and blue bruises due to the injections. Surgery requires note extensive recovery time.

Dr. Bissoon insists that patients over 40lbs overweight have a full physical work up to determine if they have insulin resistant factors that might be an obstacle to fat loss. He also insists that patients looking for weight loss results have a solid post-op nutrition and exercise plan in place before he agrees to work with them.

Dr. Bissoon offers the benefits of Mesotherapy throughout the US and has opened offices in addition to NY in Los Angeles and West Palm Beach. You can find out more about Dr. Bissoon and Mesotherapy on his web site at www.mesotherapy.com or by e-mail at drb@mesotherapy.com

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